Founded by Fu’s brothers, John and Frank, in Taiwan since 1980, Bestmate International Developing Co., Ltd., thereafter referred as Bestmate, has specialized in manufacturing diversified household storage products, including bins, bags, organizers, etc., mainly with textile, plastic and metal materials. Nowadays, Bestmate has been grown into a group of companies that includes 3 factories in Guangdong and Henan provinces, the Bestmate group. It has become a strong group with solid R&D, sales force and manufacturing abilities.
In 1991, in order to satisfy market demands, Bestmate moved to China and set up Bestmate Plastic Metal Co., Ltd., thereafter referred as BPM, located in Humen Town, DongGuang City. BMP, as the head quarter of the Bestmate Group, has solid stitching production lines to serve all

MaxHouser is a professional company to “bringing organization home” to consumers. A storage and organization company whose mission is to
help organize any room in the home.
From the products for kids to moms, we take great pride in helping consumers bring organization home through value, quality, innovation and outstanding customer service, all achieved with the
highest of ethical standards.

Over the years, Bestmate group has build up the excellent reputations in product innovations and breakthrough designs for better quality and lower cost. In short, foldable, movable, easy-to-install and affordable are four words to describe our products. These advantages have attracted all major international retailers to us. Proudly to say, our products have sold over millions units. Millions households around the world have been used our products in their daily lives.